—Essay Prompt: The purpose of the paper is, first, to demonstrate that you can do college-level research using multiple sources. Your analysis matters. Think of the difference between a book report (this is what I read) and a book review (this is my critical assessment of what I read). Your paper should be like a book review – factual, analytical, demonstrating critical thinking, considering different perspectives. Your paper should demonstrate that you can assemble facts into a coherent narrative and argue a case, a point of view. Acceptable sources are law journals, scholarly books, doctoral dissertations, government (including Congressional) studies, and reports. A newspaper or magazine report from a serious quality publication may be acceptable to show relevance, popular myths, or other significant facts. You’ll be graded on how well you argue your case, not on what position you take.
—What I need you to do: There are already comments and editing note in the word file that I uploaded. Please take careful look in to every comments and editing suggestion and edit my paper accordingly. Make additional research on several highlighted place in the essay and make my argument of my essay better. Your submission should be an edited version of myu essay. You do not need to make huge change to my structure and JUST FOLLOW THE COMMENTS AND EDITING SUGGESTION AND MAKE CHANGES/PUT IN ADDITIONAL RESEARCH INSIGHTS ACCORDINGLY.

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