Essential Question: How do we inspire elementary-age students to think critically and communicate effectively using the themes and a deep analysis of various genres of literature and text? How can this unit of study for children be used to place learning in a larger cultural and social construct with an integrated approach combining language arts and social studies?
Project Goals
Develop acumen in curriculum design and interdisciplinary planning
Utilize research-validated and effective strategies for improving student fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary
Promote deep learning of transferable outcomes in synthesis of materials, text analysis, effective written and oral communication, and collaboration
Apply inquiry-based learning and constructivist teaching in the design of a curriculum unit
Project Outcomes
As a result of the project, you (graduate students in Education) will:
___. 1. Create an integrated unit of study (English Language Arts and Social Studies) to span 2-3 weeks using historical fiction novel as your center focus with various other genresof literature and text, primary artifacts, pictures/images, and writing prompts.
_ 2. Follow a backward design template in planning:
Create a summative assessment after the development of the essential and guiding questions. Include numerous formative assessments throughout unit representing a range of feedback options.
3. Design a text dependent analysis prompt and corresponding graphic organizer/text selection
_. 4. Incorporate the following: reader’s theater, literature circles, set of vocabulary terms (note page numbers in text) with student friendly definitions, and your choice of character graphic organizers.
T. The template you will use to create this project is attached.

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