Exam*INSERT name and section on page header* Maximum 6 pages, font size 10, single-spaceNO APA References Other book references not acceptedReferences/connections must be made to only from the 3 course textbooks and class notes.

The Pear Corporation currently sells consumer-based PCs/laptops and software services but will be switching in December 2024 to only providing software services. This is a significant development as it means a different direction and vision for the company, impacting staff and morale.

As a member of the public relations department, you are to develop a communications strategy for this project (complete turnaround from old to new form of company to be in two years), advising management on what to say to the company in essay, paragraph form with headings.

Be sure to address the following:

Primary audiences (those impacted by the change)



Medium (best way to deliver message)

Communicator (best person to deliver message)


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