FINAL PAPER #3 – suggested 16-page limit for the body of the paper– APA Style Paper
Note: This paper is a distillation and synthesis of
papers 1 & 2, bringing them together into a
final paper on your
1. Integrate the ideas
presented in paper 2 into a several page description of the nursing
profession’s current
understanding of the concept including any weaknesses or omissions
that you see.
2. Contrast this with what
you learned about your concept in the theological literature,
showing similarities and
differences, strengths and weaknesses of both literatures.
3. Bring these two steps
together, synthesize both literatures into a discussion of what the theological
literature offers to the nursing understanding and what the nursing
understanding offers to the
theological literature.
Discuss how bringing the two literatures together can
inform and shape nursing research and practice (20-30 sources).
Note: Your aim is to
prepare a tightly argued, succinct paper that is roughly the length of a
theory-based journal article. You will
use portions of paper 1 and paper 2 and add new analytical and synthesized
material to the final paper. Be sure to cite all sources;
Reference list should
only have the sources cited in the paper, and all sources on Ref List must be
cited in the paper.

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