First of all need to be creative in this work need to use your imagination!!!: the main idea it is that need to create a new product which is dating product for spotify company. Like a tinder. But not tinder.
Company Spotify need to implement a new product dating like Tinder. This work should be related to a new Spotify product dating product like Tinder in Spotify app and need to create everything new like a Mockup of Spotify like a Tinder dating page. So the main thing is to design and implement a brand positioning strategy for this new Tinder dating product concept for Spotify company. You don’t need to describe anything about Spotify it should be everything new about this new product dating app in Spotify company. So, Spotify needs to relate with Tinder for example. Because I want to create a new product for Spotify after Covid-19, the consequences, people on Spotify can share their songs and similar songs; podcasts can connect them, and then maybe they can find a love partner, etc. So basically, it is like a Tinder, but in Spotify company, so this work needs to relate this Spotify company with like a Tinder dating new product. Need to describe Spotify’s personality, brand identity, core values, and archetypes.
What to do: need to do
New Spotify product like Tinder dating personality
New Spotify product like Tinder dating Spotify brand identity
New Spotify product like Tinder dating Spotify core values
New Spotify product like Tinder dating Spotify brand archetypes
I added to you more information and examples in that file

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