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My name is Errol LeMonious and I am originally a business major. I’ve been a Entertainment manager for over 20 years. I started out in 99-2000,When buddy of mine I was in school with booked a role for a movie our Drama teacher had him audition for. At this time I did not know I would become an entertainment manager. Once the movie wrapped a couple of the other actors and me became good friends. I started off as a personal assistant and then turned into a manager. I feel that I was very lucky to be able to stumble onto my dream job. After about a decade of managing Artist I decided to go back to school and I obtain my bachelors of science and entertainment business. Even though I was successfully thriving as an entertainment manager I went back to school to learn more. Technology change a lot from when I start it out and I just wanted to stay advanced. Also working with active talent I’ve always kept up with Technology.
There is a lot of psychology involved working with entertainers. Lots of them have trouble backgrounds and habits.
Managing artist takes a lot of responsibility and time. You have to learn the talent and help them manage there life. Everything from doctor appointments, to spending budgets,relationships and the list goes on.
The whole time while managing artist I’ve always spoke to troubled teens from the inner cities. I think that’s where my interest in psychology Sparks from. I used to talk to the kids using my Theory (The LeMonious Theory ) Your relationship being your job and your job should be your relationship. Meaning your job your work ,what you do for a living you should love like A relationship and your relationship with your families your friends your spouse you should treat as a job. When I say treat as a Job I mean A job takes teamwork communication and consideration for others that you work with. I think Pepperdines psychology program will be perfect for me to learn and get a better understanding on the thought process of humans including myself. My goal is to return to school to acquire a masters in psychology of arts and possibly a psych D in psychology. I then plan to work as a school counselor and eventually opening my own practice . I also plan on writing several books I believe will consist of psychology stuff that I will learn while attending my masters program. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven R Covey is actually one of my favorite read.How he speaks on character at the first principle ethic. I also would like to become a marriage counselor in the inner city. I believe my concept of your job is your relationship a relationship is your job would be able to help couples reconsider their marriages. I am very excited to start this new journey in my life and would be honored to learn at Pepperdine university thank you for your consideration

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