For the current
assignment, you will write a reflective paper discussing your personal
perspective on the causes and treatments of psychopathology using personal,
scholarly, and biblical support.
A key purpose of reflective writing is to encourage you to consider how your
experiences, assumptions, values, and beliefs shape your thinking and your
acceptance of and opposition to new ideas.
Reflective writing also helps to improve your analytical skills because
it requires you to express what you
think and explain why you think it.
To complete the present assignment, you will
critically evaluate the various theoretical approaches to conceptualizing and
treating psychopathology and analyze them in view of your personal background,
values, life experiences, and personality.
Then you will explain which one
theory and associated therapeutic techniques align most closely with your own
worldview. Finally, you will explain whether
the theoretical perspective that you selected also aligns with a Christian
Content Requirements
· Include a title
page, 5–7 pages of expository content, and a references page.
the Introduction of your paper: a) state the purpose of your paper, b) summarize
the main points that you will make in your paper, and c) explain why it is
important for you to examine your thinking about the causes and treatment of
the Body of your paper, address the following issues:
Describe and Evaluate: Using scholarly citations (e.g.,
the course textbook(s), journal articles), summarize the primary tenets of the six main etiological perspectives of
psychopathology discussed throughout the term (e.g., physiological, cognitive-behavioral,
psychodynamic, humanistic, family systems, and sociocultural), and then describe
at least one strength and one weakness of each.
Analyze: Identify the ONE perspective that aligns most directly with your own personal
worldview, and use reflective analysis of your experiences, assumptions,
values, and beliefs to explain why it fits with your worldview.
Synthesize: Using at least one scriptural citation, build a biblical argument
to explain whether the one perspective that you chose also fits with a
Christian worldview.
the Conclusion of your paper: remind your reader about the purpose of the
paper, restate the main issues that you explored in your paper, and discuss how
what you learned while reflecting about your thoughts will help you to grow
personally and/or professionally.

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