For the mid-semester project, you are asked to create a period room.
What is a period room you ask? well, in this case that will be up to you.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC defines the term “period room” as follows: The term “period room” is used to describe [an] immersive interior[…] meant to represent a particular period of time. They are best understood as curated spaces, shaped by scholarly research, museological trends, curatorial tastes, and the Museum’s collection.
We can simplify this and say that a “period room” is an immersive space that is meant to represent a specific time and space, informed by scholarly research, making use of a collection of objects, and informed by institutional and subjective tastes.
For this assignment, it is up you to define what a period room is, and what it presents.
Here are few parameters to follow while working:
Your room should include at least six items (think of furniture, art, objects, etc.). Each item you include should serve a purpose and be researched. Include items that can help tell the story of the time, and histories your room is meant to connect to or represent. For each item in your room you should create background information or a history for the object related to research.
Design the decor. What is the shape of the space, consider the physical qualities of the interior architecture or form and how it conveys the context of your room. Decoration, pattern, and design can help tell the narrative.
Your room should relate to a time somewhere between 1750 – 1900 CE (common era).
Your room can be theoretically can connected to anywhere in the world. Think about how your room may represent one place and be presented in another. Often period rooms are specific representations of spaces from other geographic places, but not always. There is room for a discourse between places and times.
Your period room can take any shape you like. You could make a two dimensional collage, a physical model, a drawing, a 3D rendering, an interactive webpage, etc. think of what you want in your room and how you want to make/create your room. Related to this, think of how you want to present and share your room, as we will share our rooms in class over Zoom, think of how you want to present your room. The medium or mediums of your room is up to you.
You should create a bibliography ( a list of references and/or resources you have used to research for your period room.
Upload documentation of your finished period room along with your room’s bibliography to Canvas when complete.

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