For this 3-4 pages paper students will be asked to choose one of the following 3 scenarios and to then write out a made up session dialogue demonstrating one of the most common techniques used in the therapy model. Examples of these type of dialogues are found throughout the textbook (see page 331 for an example using Reality Therapy and demonstrating several common techniques).
Scenario 1: Jane is a single 23 year old African american woman living in a small town. She recently graduated from college and is looking for employment. She has applied to several places but has not gotten any interviews. She is feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. She reports feeling anxious daily and states she feelings like a failure.
Scenario 2: Robert is a 30 year old white male. He has been married for 2 years and has a 9 month old baby girl. Robert has been working in the oil field since he was 18 but has recently quit to be home with his wife and baby. Robert is struggling to adjust to his new minimum wage job and feels inadequate at home and work. Robert reports not being able to sleep and feels depressed and disconnected to his wife and baby.
Scenario 3: Janie is a 37 year old white female attending the session with her 12 year old daughter Samantha. Janie reports that for the past 2 months she and Samantha have been fighting nearly daily. Samantha has begun retreating to her room and refusing to engage in conversation with anyone in the family. Samantha reports feeling isolated at school and home.
Please note I am not asking you to diagnose or come up with a treatment plan. You just need to use one of these scenarios to write out a dialogue demonstrating the use of one of the techniques from your therapy model.
Conclusion: Make sure to include a conclusion to your paper answering the following questions: Do you feel this current therapy model would help the client in this scenario? Why or why not? Is there a different therapy model that might be a better fit for this client?

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