For this assessment it is suggested that you build upon the work that you did in the Research Problem and Purpose Statements assessment.
The assessment has two distinct parts:
Part 1: Quantitative Research Question
Relevant Scoring Guide Criteria:
Formulate a quantitative research question and associated hypothesis.
Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and respectful of the diversity, dignity, and integrity of others and is consistent with expectations for health care professionals.
For this section, you will formulate a research question that is appropriate for a research project that will use quantitative methodologies.
Remember the HAC that you used in your Research Problem and Purpose Statements assessment. Additionally, your research question should align to the problem and purpose statements that you developed at that time.
Keep in mind that a well-written research question should be a single statement.
When examining or creating quantitative research questions, the following checklist may be useful:
Quantitative Research Question Checklist
Does the purpose statement fit logically with the problem statement? Are there similar words, or does it seem to address a different topic?
Based on the problem statement, do the research questions align with the method and design of the study? Do questions seek to describe responses to the

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