For this assignment I would like you to focus on how your corporation is dealing with important social issues such as Voting Rights, Black Lives Matter, Job and Housing Inequalities, Empowering Employees to Vote and Equity issues. For example, we have seen numerous corporate reactions to states enacting new and restrictive voting laws. You might also want to look at any labor disputes.
Go online, view publications and/or news articles to find a recent article that is either related to the corporation you have chosen in part one of this assignment or to the industry that you selected (Your article/item should be no more than 6 months old). Please copy and paste the entire article or link to the live news report into your post for this discussion. Information that you would find on your corporation’s website can be used as back-up resources but are not acceptable for the primary article and will result in a loss of points for this portion of the assignment.
Please discuss how the company is addressing one or more of these issues. Your discussion should be no less than two five-six sentence paragraphs. If your corporation or industry are not involved in these important social issues, what is their reasoning and how does that make you feel as a consumer? To receive points you must include an article or link. It is not sufficient to say you could not find anything on the corporate website. Look further to magazine, podcasts, online articles, televised news show, etc. (15 points possible for posting article and your summary)
For your corporation please compute the following:
Inventory Turnover
Number of Days Sales in Inventory
Days Cash on Hand
Accounts Receivable Turnover
Number of Days Sales in Receivables
To receive the points for this component you must show the formula and numbers used to get your answers. (15 points for correctly including both the formulas (with numbers put into the formula) and the answers).
Based upon your results in number 2 above and from your earlier research, how do you think your corporation is doing from a financial perspective. Additionally, state what you found interesting or surprising about the results of your research so far this semester. (10 points possible for answering the question with at least two 5-6 sentence paragraphs)

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