For this assignment, we are focusing on developing a online ordering system for a basic taqueria called, “Taqueria El Ranchito”.
The persona I have made up is Miguel, a 32 year old spanish/english speaking construction worker who seeks to order from this restaurant online on his way to his car on lunchbreak for food for either himself and possibly some of his coworkers. Any other details for this persona can be added to the assignment.
Official Assignment Instructions:
Part 1: Build a Task Flow
Complete the following:
Create a task flow for your persona going through a typical restaurant experience. Consider the restaurant experience from their perspective. First, create the task flow for ordering at a restaurant in the traditional way—without using an online food ordering system. Next, create a task flow that describes the steps the persona will take from entering the restaurant through ordering and paying for a meal to leaving with a full stomach. Use the first page of the Task Analysis Template (given in the resources).
Modify the task flow to reduce steps and maximize system capabilities. After you have documented the task flow for the customer persona you selected that describes visiting a restaurant, ordering food, and paying for it in the traditional way, use the second page of the Task Analysis Template to complete a task flow that would describe your persona using the online ordering system to achieve the same objectives. Can you reduce the steps? Can you minimize the activity that must be performed by the user and maximize the system capabilities? You may wish to use some of the techniques described in the unit readings to streamline the task flow. In your final task analysis, clearly indicate what the user must do and what the system must facilitate to help the user meet their goal.
Adapt this task flow to the needs of a persona from a different patron demographic group. Reflect on the task flow you developed for your persona using the online ordering system as compared to the other customer persona you developed.
Would the exact same task flow apply to the other customer persona, or would they be different?
Would some parts be the same and some very different? Explain.
Part 2: Design Strategies
Assess the implications of human factors on your users’ experience with this interface. Consider your customer personas restaurant experience from the perspective of information display and reading, as well as attention, memory, and behavioral patterns.
What are the implications of these human factors for the design of your user interface?
What design strategies do you need to employ in the creation of your user interface design for the restaurant’s online food ordering system, based on these implications?
Note the design strategies related to these four categories that are most useful to the creation of the restaurant user experience, given your customer persona and the restaurant context. Specifically, address information display and reading, and attention span in your restaurant’s physical environment, as well as memory and behavioral patterns. Plan how you will incorporate these design strategies in your design project.

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