For this assignment, you are asked to write a need statement–a short document that articulates a problem or opportunity and provides a brief overview of the solution. Need statements are most often used internally to provide stakeholders within an organization with an early overview of a new grant project. A need statement will also help you, as a grant writer, begin doing research that will eventually lead to a full proposal.
Background: Need statements begin with genuine problems or opportunities on which a nonprofit organization is positioned to act. In other words, grants begin with project ideas that an organization has the capacity to carry out and needs (often local) that the organization can meet. Ideas for grant proposals begin usually support, in some way, the mission and goals of the nonprofit organization seeking grants, and the grants themselves help expand the organization’s ability to meet its goals.
Need statements are a form of argument at the proposal stasis; that is, they are an articulation of what to do in the future. They can be supported by a variety of other argument types as well (Fahnestock & Secor, 1983; Ramage, 2006).
Task: Your task is to write a brief one- to two-page need statement in which you
(a) describe a problem or opportunity that a nonprofit organization with which you are familiar could reasonably take on as a service project or program and
(b) describe a brief solution. To develop material for your need statement, consider the following:
Questions about problems or opportunities (from Ramage or elsewhere?)
What are some arguments (from the stasis theory) you can make to show the problem or opportunity exists and is important?
Solutions: What should be done to solve the problem or take advantage of the opportunity?
Make sure to describe the problem or opportunity, as well as the solution, in concrete detail.
Resource to use: “Chapter 8: Writing the Need or Problem Statement.”
Length: 300-600 words.
Format: Use APA style with the appropriate heading. Save your document as .doc or .docx, and use the following naming convention: Last Name_First Name_Sponsor Research

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