For this assignment you will need to view Disney’s Encanto,
while on the surface it is a family friendly musical the characters are a
representation of multigenerational trauma. For your assignment, please choose
1 character to analyze.
What to cover
Describe your chosen character- give a physical description
of the character and also analyze any subtle references you notice about the
character. (In Disney films they tend to add easter eggs that go along with the
story so if you search for Encanto easter eggs this should help) This can
include aspects of their clothing choices or relationship choices or even how
they decorate their area of the house.
Identify how they demonstrate their trauma-is it in a
behavior, something they say? Imagine the character is your client and you are
analyzing them to offer services.
Using information that we have covered in our class identify
some of the concepts that we can identify to the client. Then some solutions
that you would implement on the client(trauma based therapy, cognitive
behavioral therapy, play therapy, eco-map, systems theories) and why you
selected this. There is not a page requirement on it however write enough to
get the information presented. If you like you can do the assignment in a
powerpoint presentation instead. Just pick one method either a written work or
powerpoint. Also be sure to include your references, so that your reader is
able to go and look for further information. This is a website that cites
references for you in APA style for free Free APA Citation
Generator [Updated for 2022] (
As always contact me with any questions and I hope this is
an enjoyable assignment for you!
Here are some articles to help get your creative juices
‘Encanto’ Taught Me About Vulnerability and Relationships | Psychology Today
‘Encanto’ and Intergenerational Trauma (

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