For your selected research topic:1) Prepare an annotated bibliography summarizing what research has already been done.2) Also, turn this annotated bibliography into a literature review.MUST include at least 12 sources.1 file for the annotated bibliography and 1 file for the literature review.–NOTES–I have added a word file that contains a rough outline with some ideas and objectives for the topic (PREFAB HOUSING),but feel free to add more to it.I also added a pdf file that explains how the literature review and annotated bibliography could look like, so please check it out.Use MLA and please cite everything (12 sources).Annotated bibliography is 1 page.Literature review should be about 7 pages, double spaced.Feel free to add photos or charts for the data.PLEASE PROVIDE FULL PLAGIARISM REPORTS, SUCH AS TURNITIN…


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