Formal Essay One Overview
For your first Formal Essay, please describe and analyze the use of cinematography, editing, and mise-en-scène to exemplify melodrama in a scene from El crimen del padre Amaro.
Assignment Directions
To complete this assignment, you will need to do the following things:
Pick one scene or sequence from El crimen del padre Amaro that (a) seems especially relevant to your current understanding of melodrama and (b) is no longer than three minutes and no shorter than one minute. Then spend an hour watching and rewatching that scene as you itemize every element of editing, cinematography, and mise-en-scène that you notice.
Next, review the elements identified by you in (1) before spending another hour jotting down your thoughts in response to the following questions: Whose account of melodrama do you think is most relevant to interpreting this scene or sequence: the one offered by Carla Marcantonio, Raymond Durgnat, or Elena Lahr-Vivaz? Which passages from that account seem to be especially helpful to you in understanding how the scene or sequence relates to melodrama? Make a note of those passages. How exactly does the use of editing, cinematography, and/or mise-en-scène in this scene or sequence relate to the passages you’ve noted? Of these relevant cinematic elements, which seem especially meaningful, and why? Of these meaningful elements, which one seems most important? What makes it so important? Likewise, how do all of the elements identified by you relate to each other? Are they reinforcing each other? Conflicting with each other? Or would you characterize their relationship differently? If so, why?
Review your notes and jottings from (1) and (2). Then compose a well-organized analysis of the scene that accurately describes the use of editing, cinematography, and mise-en-scène in the scene and makes a convincing case for how one or more of these elements relate(s) to the scene’s use of melodrama. Keep in mind that you will need to include textual support from at least one of the following authors as you make your case: Peter Brooks, Linda Williams, Carla Marcantonio, Raymond Durgnat, Darlene J. Sadlier, or Elena Lahr-Vivaz. Please be sure to format your analysis in keeping with MLA formatting rules and introduce quotes with author and article title. Likewise, keep in mind that your submission needs to be at least 1,000 words long.
***Choose 1 article from the one I provided.
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