Gen 3

The fall=humanity’s fall away from God and into sin.

Humans had help in falling away from God.

Serpent(蛇) =dragon

It is associated with beauty, wisdom, healing, power, magic (美丽,智慧,魔法)

But the serpent is a disguise for the devil or satan. 蛇象征着魔鬼

Evil never comes looking like evil, it comes looking like the good 魔鬼永远都看起来很善良

The serpent is “crafty”

Craftiness is a type of wisdom.狡猾是一种智慧.

Craftiness= know what you want in life, and you know how to get it.

The serpent wants control of the world 蛇(魔鬼)想法控制世界。

What are his tactics of temptation? 他的诱惑策略是什么?

a. Uses disguises 使用伪装

b. Attacks race at its most vulnerable point 攻击在最脆弱的地方展开

c. Creates suspicion that God is not totally good 让人怀疑上帝的不完全善良

d. Denies consequences of disobedience 否认不服从的后果

God gave control of the world to human to look after it for him. 上帝把世界的控制权交给人类.

Has a plan: to get people to disobey God and turn away from god. 蛇的计划=让人们远离上帝并且违背他。

God gave the humans a command to not eat from the tree of k of g and e

Talk to woman first.

Why is the women the weak point?

Because she heard . God’s command not directly . From God, but indirectly from the man.

The serpent needs to monsterize God.

Problems with the serpents statement:

1. god didn’t say……. God commanded.

2. Don’t eat any tree

He subtly plants the idea that god is too strict,,he doesn’t want people to eat anything.

What’s wrong with the woman’s answer?

She adds what god never said, don’t touch the tree.

So she has adopted the serpents viewpoint of god.

Evil wants us to believe that there are no consequences for doing evil (魔鬼希望人们相信做了坏事不需要承担后果)

He denied punishment for doing evil.

he is planting the idea that the reason God doesn't want them to have the power of the tree is because God is jealous they will become like him.

They are naked.

Humans are still hiding from God

God called the man

calling to the man is Gen 3:8-19 is a courtroom scene

Why does God ask Adam a question for which God already knows the answer? 神给犯错的人一个说真话的机会。要求他们做出解释。

God does not need to learn the truth, it is to give the man a chance to tell the truth

God asks the guilty parties for an explanation

To ask them for an explanation is to treat them as responsible human beings with dignity and free choice.要求人们做出解释就是视他们为有尊严的人。

Gen 14-19 God starts to punish the guilty神开始做出相应的惩罚

The serpent is the first to be punished

1, cursed -curse is oppsite of blessing 诅咒

To have lots of kids: and lots of prosperity

Curse not to have descendants and not to have success

By cursing the serpent

God ensoures that evil will never win in the end. 上帝确保邪恶永远不会战胜正义

上帝对蛇的审判:God makes the serpent crawl. 上帝诅咒蛇永远都是爬行

Galatians 1

Gal 1:8

1 Cor 16:22

Prov 26

Prov 26:2

上帝对人类的审判:2. Woman punished

Pain in childbearing; 生育的痛苦

woman will desire husband but husban will rule over woman 女人渴望丈夫,但是丈夫会统治女人

What is the woman's "desire" for her husband? 女人对丈夫的欲望是什么?

Woman's desire is desire to control and dominate husband 女人的欲望是控制和支配丈夫的欲望。

the marriage will be place of battle not harmony 婚姻将是战斗而不是和谐的地方

Battle of the sexes 性别之战

man is whipped


the ground will fight the man when he tries to make a living from it. 当他试图以此为生时,土地会与人作战。

Even though God punishes the humans, he still forgives them and calls them back to him

Gen 3:21 即使上帝惩罚了人类,他们仍然原谅,并被召回。

Gen 3

The power of speech

God used speech to create the world

The first three chapters teach: 前三章的教导

1. The power of speech for good or evil 善恶之言的力量


Freedom of speech 言论自由

Why is speech such an important thing? 为什么言论这么重要?

Because we think by speech

Freedom of thought and conscience 因为我们要用言语思考

Gen 4 – story of Cain murdering his brother Abel

Jealousy 嫉妒

Cain committs the sin of jealousy and murder 该隐因为嫉妒杀了自己的哥哥

Gen 6:5

God is a moral god. 神是道德的神

God cares about good and evil, right and wrong, and will punish wrong and reward good 如果犯下罪行就必须被神惩罚。

God must punish the people

God is going to destroy all the wicked people by a huge flood 神要用大水惩罚人类

Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives, and a sample of all animals are going to be saved 只有noah 和他的妻子三个孩子还有一些动物被拯救了

Atrahasis Epic; Gilgemish Epic; Enuma Elish

After the flood, God makes a covenant with Noah 洪水过后,神和诺亚立下誓约。永久的


Two parties make an agreement and both parties have responsibilities

Permanent and temporary

What is the nature of the covenant with Noah? 与诺亚立约的性质是什么

Gen 8:20-22

Two promises of God: 上帝的两个承诺

1. God will not destroy all humans even though their sinful nature has not changed

2. God is going to maintain the order and regularity of the earth

Merism 上帝不会摧毁所有的人类,及时人类的罪行没有改变


Why is this imporant? 重要性

The order of the universe is the foundation for science 宇宙的秩序是科学基础

All covenants have signsv 所有的盟约都有迹象

Let's build a society without God

First expression of secular humanism 世俗人文的首次表现= 人类建立一个没有上帝的社会。

= humans building a society without God

Sin of the people of Bable? 圣经中人的罪行

Pride, arrogance, to create an atheistic society 试图制造无神论

God's punishment of their sin? 上帝如何惩罚?

Gives them different languages 上帝制造不同的语言。

language is a symbol, for our ethnic and racial identity 语言象征着不同的民族和身份

This is the start of the clash of civilizations 这是文明冲突的开始

At the end of the prehistory, humanity is divided into hostile civilizations that are fighting for dominance 在史前史末期,人类分裂为争夺统治地位的敌对文明。

Question at the end of the prehistory is:



Will God do anything to save humanity from this fate?

Gen 12:1-3 and the answer is NO!!!!!

God will save humans again, but this time not directly but by a plane 上帝会间接的拯救人类。制定一个计划

So what is God's plan? 上帝的计划是什么

Gen 12:1-3 – the story of the Calling of Abraham

To save the world

Go = lek leka.. = Up and Go NOW!

God first commands Ab; and then gives promises 上帝命令ab 然后做出承诺。

Gen 12:1 = Command 命令 (离开家族,本地,父家)

Gen 12:2-3a = what God will do FOR Ab 承诺 (使ab 成为大国)

Gen 12:3b What God will do THROUGH Ab 上帝对ab做了什么?(I will bless those who bless you,    and whoever curses you I will curse;and all peoples on earth    will be blessed through you.) 给ab祝福,并赐福ab。诅咒ab的人,上帝也会诅咒他。

Who is Ab?

11:27 –



Ab’s wife -Sarah

Abraham was a worshipper of moon gods ab 是月神的崇拜者。

idol worshipper

Die to your current identity


上帝对ab 的承诺

Promises to Ab:

1. a nation 一个国家

2. Blessing = progeny and prosperity 祝福

3. Protection 保护

4. What God will do THROUGH Ab: Use Ab to save the world


Every Christian is a son or daughter of Ab

"Christian" = servant of Christ

God's plan to save the nations: 上帝拯救世界的计划

Stage 1: Call Ab 呼叫ab

Stage 2. Make a nation from Ab (Israel) 让ab建造一个国家

Stage 3: use Is to save the world 用这个国家拯救世界


The most important characteristic of the church:

you will find people from every part of the world there


The church is the reversal of Babel 教会是巴别塔的逆转

Ab dies at 175 yrs ab 在175岁死的

Gen 12-25 the life of Ab

Abraham = man of faith ab=有信心的人

Gen 12:1-3

-Ancestor of Israel ab是以色列先祖

-Has three brothers 三兄弟

-Wife is Sarah: can’t have kids sarah 不能有孩子

-Sarah is Abraham’s half -sister sarah 是ab 的表姐

-Is not a believer in God: worships idols ( moon gods) 不信神,但是崇拜月神

-75 years old 75 岁

-Wealthy 富裕

Gen 12:1-3 the calling of


What is God asking Abraham to do? 神要ab做什么?

To die to his old identity 死于旧身份

Promises: what God will do for Abraham and what God will do through Abraham? 上帝会为ab做什么,上帝会通过ab做什么?

1. God will make Abraham into a great nation. 上帝会使ab成为一个大国

2. Blessing -prosperity: progeny 祝福

3. Great name 一个好名字

4. Through ab God will bless others. 上帝会通过ab祝福他人

5. Protection保护

6. Through ab: save the world. 通过ab 拯救世界

Episode 2: Gen 12:10-20 (bad Abraham)

1. – Abraham goes to Egypt and lie about Sarah

Episode 3: Gen 13 the Generosity of Abraham

-Gen teaches that what matters is not where you are but if God is there with you

-with God the desert can bloom.

Episode 4: Gen 14 Abraham the Warrior (good ab) ab 救下了他的侄儿罗得

Episode 5: Gen 15 God makes covenant with Abraham (good ab) 上帝和ab 的对话

Episode 6: 6 Abraham and sarah have a child without God (bad AB) sarai 让自己的婢女去给ab 生孩子,因为婢女怀孕,sarai 嫉妒开始虐待婢女。Ab也没管。最后婢女逃走 婢女在ab 86岁的时候给他生了一个儿子,叫做 ishmael。



Episode 7 Gen17 Abraham commanded to circumcise the males belonging to 8 days 割包皮是立约的记号,男子要在生下来的第八天进行割礼

神给ab的妻子改名 由sarai 改为sarah。上帝又让sarah 给ab 生一个儿子,此时ab 已经90 岁了

上帝让ab 的儿子叫做isaac

Episode 8 Gen 18-19- Abraham the priest ( good ab)

Ab 接待两位天使,而这两位天使救了罗得和他的两个女儿。


Life of Ab continued

Episode 9: Ab get a son. When ab 100 years olfGen:21

Son called lsaac= Laughter: Isaac becomes Ab true son, not Ishmael

Episode 10: God tests Ab Gen:22 (asked Ab sacrifice his son on a mountain god will show him) ( give up his future)

Isaac:10-12 years old

In Gen 12 God asked Ab to “sacrifics” his past.

What kind of people is God asking for to fill his kingdom?

Ans: people like Ab: who have faith like Ab.

Jacob’s wives=Leah and Rachel

Together Jacob and his wives have 12 sons who become the 12 tribes of Israel.

Gen32:22 = The conversion of Jacob

Israel means to wrestle with God’s help and to win.

“Your inscape determines your landscape”

Exodus: 出埃及记

Ex= out of……odos= the way Abraham-Isaac//Rebekkah-jacob

Odus=the way

Ab‘s son= Isaac-Esau/ Jacob ( two son of Isaac)

Isaac’s wife= Rebekah


king of Egypt fears the Israelites and so tries to control them in three ways:

1. Slaves (reason: take hope, too tired) but didn’t work. 让这些人没有希望,繁重的工作

2. The king ordered the midwives to kill the male Israel post-partum abortion 国王命令接生婆看到男孩就杀死。接生婆不服从国王,因为他们敬畏上帝。

Midwives disobeyed king’s order because they had “fear of God”

Fear of God=Conscience: the feeling of right and wrong that all people have

“Moral compass”

Can you disobey the king?

3. King ordered all Egyptian citizens to grab any male Israelite child and throw it in the Nile River.


March 16, 2022

Quid pro quo=tit for tat. 报应。

The most important ethical principle of the Bible is : Ethical Monotheism (只有一个神论)= There is only one God and he runs the world according to ethics

Pulytheism =多神论

Never escape god’s judgement ( 永远没法逃离神的审判)

Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. 以刀为生的人必将死于刀下

(name) Moses= taken out of the water.

Moses grows up in the king’s palace.

The prince of Egypt.

Moses received two educations: Egyptian and Israelite.

Moses at 40 years

Exodus 2:11

Moses cares for the victims, but goes too far in violence to deal with it. 摩西关爱受害者,但是使用了暴力是不对的

Moses murders the Ggyptain 摩西谋杀了吉普坦人

When Moses’crime was exposed, he ran away form Egypt. 摩西被发现罪行时,他逃离了埃及

Dividing Moses’ life:

Part 1: 1-40 years – pronce of Egypt 在埃及

Moses has a high sense of justice but it is not balanced with mercy. 摩西有高度的正义感,但是与怜悯不平衡

Part 2: 40-80 years- is a shepherd, looking after his father- in-law ‘sheep and goats 摩西是一个牧羊人,照顾岳父的羊群

What does Moses see? Moses 看到了什么:

A burning bush, that wasn’t being burned up. 灌木丛在火中但是并没有被烧灼。

The bush= a symbol of God- theophany=appearance of God on earth

What is the burning bush teaching about God? 燃烧的灌木对上帝的教导是什么饿?

1, That God is self-existent; God does not need to consume anything to live. 上帝不需要依存任何东西而生存。

2.God is the fire; Israel the bush; God and Israel can live together. 上帝代表着火,以色列代表着灌木。代表着两者可以一起生存。

Exodus:3-4=the call of Moses

1. Who is God? God introduces himself 上帝先介绍自己

2. God tells Moses why he has come down? (why) 上帝说明他到来的原因: 因为他听到以色列人的呼救。

3. God tells Moses he’s going to save the Israelites from their slavery in Egypt 上帝派摩西去拯救在埃及的以色列奴隶

4. God is going to send Moses to get the Israelites out 上帝派摩西把以色列人就出来

5. Only in the bible does its God say he cares about slaves and has come to save them


Moses’s five excuses for refusing God’s offer: 摩西五个拒绝神的提议的理由

1. I am nothing 我什么都没有// God’s response: I will be with you 神的回答:我与你同在

2. I don’t know your name? 别人会问我叫什么名字// God’s response: “ I AM”神说:我就是我

3. They won’t believe me. 人们不会相信我// God’s response: miracles 神说:奇迹

4. I am not a good spearker// God’s response: God can still use Moses. 神说:我制造的五官,我可以赋予你这个能力。

5. I just don’t wanna go 摩西说我就是不想去// God’s response: You will go, but I will let you take your brother Aaron for moral support. 神说:我可以让你带上你的兄弟Aaron

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Punishments are called the 10 plagues of Egypt


The plagues not only attack Egypt, but also Egypt’s

1st plague= God turns the Nile river into blood 第一场瘟疫=上帝把尼罗河变成血

Egypt believed that the Nile water was the blood of their god Osiris 埃及人相信尼罗河水是他们的神奥西里斯的血

Frogs. Frogs= goddess Heket the goddess of childbirth 青蛙=女神赫克特分娩女神

Ra= the sun god ( makes Egypt no sun, which is dark) 太阳神(使埃及没有太阳,黑暗)

The punishments attack the social, economic, and religious life of EGYPT

Plague#10= God is going to send the Angle of Death to every house in Egypt to kill the oldest male son 上帝将派死亡到埃及的每一户人家,杀死最年长的男性儿子

But how will the Angle know not to go into an Israelite house? 但是天使怎么会知道不进去以色列人的房子呢?

God is going to give Israel a special ceremony to protect the Israelite houses. 上帝要给以色列一个特殊的保护仪式

Exouds: 12

THE Passover ceremony 逾越节

1. Passover changes Israel’s calendar 逾越节随着以色列的日历改变

2. On the 10th day take a lamb and keep it in the house 第十天取一只羊羔,放在屋子里。

3. On the 14th day kill the lamb 第14 天杀羊

4. Take some of its blood and put it on the front door of the house 取一些羊血,放在前门上

5. Roast the lamb and eat it with bitter herbs and unleavened bread

6. 烤羊肉,和苦菜和无酵饼一起吃

This ceremony is very symbolic 这个仪式有象征

-Lamb is the substitute for the sons. 羊象征着儿子的代替品

-The lamb’s blood saves the house from death 羔羊的血使房子免于死亡

-Bitter herbs= symbolize Israel’s bitter life in Egypt 苦药=以色列在埃及的苦涩生活

-Unleavened bread =the hurry by which they had to leave Egypt (couldn’t wait for bread to rise) 无酵母饼=他们不得不离开埃及的匆忙

-crossing of the red sea 穿越红海

– The crossing is the end of Israel’s slavery and the start of her nationhood 渡口是以色列奴隶制的结束和国家的开始

What is the event making Israel made a nation? 什么时间是以色列成为一个国家

Crossing the sea. 答案: 渡海

Moses leads them to Mt. Sinai 摩西带领以色列人到西奈山。

Third major covenant: Covenant of Sinai 第三大约:西奈之约

God and Israel are going to make a covenant 上帝和以色列要立约

-In this covenant god is going to give Israel her law 在这个盟约中,上帝给以色列颁布法律

Before giving the law 在颁布法律之前

God tells Israel her Identity and her vocation- 上帝告诉以色列他的身份和职业

Exod 19:5-6

Introduction to covenant: 约定简介

Israel is told three things: 以色列被告知三件事

Identity = who is Israel to God? 身份= 谁是上帝的以色列

-Treasure 宝藏

-kingdom of priests 祭祀王国

=Israel’s vocation 以色列的使命

-priest=mediator=bridge builder 牧师=调解人=桥梁建设者

-Israel will connect God and the nations 以色列将连接上帝和国家

-Holy Nations= separated from ordinary use for special use 为特殊用途与普通用途分开

-Law= the ten commandments 法律=十戒

-1st commandment=do not worship and Gods except the God of Israel. 除了上帝之外,不可以有别的神了。 God=anything that gives you security and significance

-you become what you worship

2nd commandment=do not make an idol of God. 不要制作上帝的模型用于诅咒

3rd commandment= do not use God’s name to do evil 不要用上帝的名号做坏事

4th commandment=rest on the seventh day (sabbath day) 周六是休息日 ( Saturday day) shows that God is compassion not like king of Egypt. Teach them to trust

-teaches them to trust

5th = honor your father and mother 忠于父母 the command is given to adults

Honor=kabod=heavy ( heavy in your life). It doesn’t say honor your parents because they support your life, it should based on your heart and feelings

6th =do not murder = not means do not to kill 不要恶意谋杀

Murder=intentionally killing an innocent person


7th =do not have sex with another person’s spouse 不要和已婚的人发生关系

-the health of the home is the foundation for the health of the nation

-threats to the home: redefining marriage ( gay marriage: polyamory)

8th =do not steal 不要偷盗

9th = do not tell lies in court 不要在法庭上说谎

10th = do not strongly desire other people’s things. 不要强烈渴望别人的东西

Guard your thoughts.

Logic of the structure of the ten commondments


Israel takes the Land – the Book of Joshua

I. Who is Joshua

1. The meaning of his name = “God saves.” Joshua is the Hebrew for Jesus (Greek name) 约书亚是耶稣的希伯来语

2. His character as a leader 他作为领导A good leader is _______

A good leader is willing to sacrifice themselves for others 一个好的领导应该是愿为别人牺牲自己

New Living Translation (NLT)

Commissioning of Joshua 约书亚的委托的一世

i. His preparation 他的准备

ii. His mission 他的使命

iii. His success 他的成功

II. The Mission: To take the land of the Canaanites by destroying them (Deut 7:1-5; Deut 20:16-18) 使命: 通过毁灭迦南人来占领他们的土地

1. Is it ethical to take other peoples’ land? 夺取别人的土地合乎道德吗?

questioning God’s character: is God commanding Genocide? Is God a Racist? Is God commanding Ethnic Cleansing?质疑上帝的性格:上帝是否在命令种族灭绝?上帝是种族主义者吗?上帝在命令种族清洗吗?


2. Some points to consider about the command:

All the earth ___ And God said, “Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place, and let dry ground appear.” And it was so.

i. ________________ (Gen 1:9)

ii. God allows nations to live in the land based on “usurfruct” = permission to use the land as long as they respect it上帝允许国家基于土地使用权=允许使用土地,只要他们尊重它

3. How have the Canaanites behaved in the land God gave them?


i. Gen 15:15ff – God wont give Abraham the land of the Canaanites because their sin is not that bad yet上帝不会给亚伯拉罕迦南人土地,因为他们的罪还没那么严重God is patient with sinners 上帝对罪人有耐心

God never disciplines people too soon 上帝从来不会过早的管教人类。

But 600 yrs later the Canaanites have become so evil that it is time for God to discipline them. And Joshua and the army of Israel will be God’s weapon to punish the Canaanites for their sin.

以至于600年后,迦南人变得如此邪恶,所以是上帝管教他们的时候了。 约书亚和以色列军队将成为上帝惩罚迦南人犯罪的武器

ii. The nature of Canaanite religion 迦南宗教的本质

1. Baal the god of _______________

iii. sympathetic magic = you do on earth what you want the gods to do in heaven


iv. Lev 18 – description of Canaanite lifestyle 迦南生活方式的描述

1. Incest; love is love 乱伦, 爱就是爱

2. Child sacrifice 儿童祭祀

3. Homosexuality 同性恋

4. Bestiality 兽交

v. Conclusion: the command to attack the Canaanites and take their land is for: punishment of the Canaanites for their evil behavior in the land 结论:攻击迦南人并夺取他们土地的命令是为了:惩罚迦南人在土地上的邪恶行为

4. Evidence that God does not hate the Canaanites 上帝不憎恨迦南人的证据

i. warning to Israel 对以色列的警告

ii. the treatment of Rahab in Josh 2 and 6; and Matt 1

Joshua has to attack the first Canaanite city of Jericho 约书亚进攻第一个迦南的城市:耶利哥

Two reasons for the command to destroy the Canaanites 两个原因:消灭迦南人

1. punishment 惩罚

2. so they are not left to tempt you to follow their ways 这样他们就不会引诱你跟随他们的方式。

3 major battles Joshua took the whole land. 3大战役 约书亚占领了整个土地

Then divided into 12 parts and gave each tribe a part. 将土地分成12 份,每个部落一份

930 BC split into two parts: 公元前930年 分为两部分

Northern Kingdom (called Israel) and the southern kingdom called Judah. 北国( 以色列)和南国( 犹大)

In 722 BC Assyria wiped out the Northern kingdom 公元前722 年, 亚述消灭了北国

In 586 Babylon wiped out the Southern kingdom of JudahGo to SETL and fill in evaluation 586 年巴比伦消灭了南方的犹大王国

April, 13

Israel becomes a Monarchy 1000 BC

Why did Israel ask for a king?

1 Sam 8

Last judge was Samuel

Israel asked for a king because by the Philistines

Who were the philistines?

Deut 17:14-20

Rules for the king:

1. God must choose the king (king must have godly character)

2. Must be a native Israelite not a foreigner.

Why? Because foreigners have different values/worldview

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