Please watch the movie: City of God (2002). Yes, it has subtitles, but it is an award winning film, and you will NOT regret watching it. The stories of the two young (and then not-so-young boys) is very powerful and shows just how people can grow and develop in terms of crime, choices they make, and how they are effected by society, learning, and culture.Once you have watched the film, please APPLY AT LEAST three separate theories that we have already discussed to this film. I would prefer if you focused on theories discussed in Chapters 6,7, and 8, but it is up to you!Please make sure to DEFINE your concepts and terms BEFORE you apply them. (Eg. tell me what social learning before you possibly apply it to someone). You may choose which theories and concepts you want to apply, it just has to be something we have already discussed. Also, please make sure you use SPECIFIC examples from the film in order to apply your concepts!In order to grade you I will be using the rubric for Response Journals. Given the amount of time (two weeks) I am giving you for this assignment AND the involved question I would expect at MINIMUM three WHOLE pages, double spaced, one inch margins all the way around, no long headers- just your name and the assignment name, and Times New Roman, Calibri or Ariel font.I would expect an introduction to what you will be discussing, at least one paragraph for each theory and application of the theory, examples of how it applied to the boys in the film, and then a closing paragraph. I would make sure to read or re-read the formal writing guidelines under the rubric section as well.Please submit this as a .doc, .dox, or PDF.NO LATE SUBMISSION WILL BE ACCEPTED!+++Please note the subject content is very strong. There is death and drug use. But it is meant for learning purposes.


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