Good Morning Ms. Reeves – I just finished the first review. Your content is good, but a lot. We need to try to get it to 1 page. I know it’s hard, but it can be done. Please look at the notes with my recommendations and see how you would like to proceed.
We recommend that you use bullet points for your position responsibilities and keep the number of bullets to 5-6 for each position. Each bullet being no longer than 2 lines, preferably 1. The reason is, a potential employer looks at a resume for about 6 seconds. The information needs to “pop” out to them. The appearance needs to be clean and concise. Bullets do this. Most potential employers do not even see the resume until it has been run through a scanning system to see if your skills match the position they are hiring match. So while we are working on this resume, it will only be a tool that will need to be modified for each job you apply for. You will need to pick the “buzz” words from the job announcement and incorporate those words into your resume for the scanner.
Ok. I’ve said a lot of words. Now let’s get going. First step, look over what is attached and see if you agree with the formatting suggestions. If so, put those in place. Second step, look at each position and identify the 5-6 most important responsibilities and leave only those in place. Then email it back to me and we will continue to word smith to make it the best we can. This is your resume, it represents you. If you do not agree with anything here, that’s fine. I want something you are proud of and you feel will “sell” you to an employer with confidence. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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