Your manager at the website wants you to create a presentation to highlight governmental cooperation. He has asked you to research how local, state, and federal governments work together to implement policies that mitigate the effects of a social problem. Both of you decided you would focus the presentation on one of these three social issue topics: education policies, environmental policies, and health care policies. Your presentation will be posted on the website in an effort to better educate your audience on your chosen topic and government cooperation.

Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation with detailed speaker notes on how local, state, and federal governments have cooperated to address the social issue you selected. Your presentation should do the following:

Describe how your chosen topic impacts society
Examine the roles of all three levels of government in creating and implementing policies that address your chosen topic
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of having all three levels of government involved in addressing your chosen topic
Assess how effective the three levels of government are at working together to solve problems related to your chosen topic
Justify why or why not all three levels of government should be involved in managing policies and services related to your topic

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