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Operations and Business Analytics

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Individual Report and Excel Modelling

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Time: 23.59Date: 8th April 2022Method: via Canvas/StudyNet

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Within four weeks of submission

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X Zhao

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X Zhao

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Assessment Criteria

Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding tested in this assignment:

· Evaluate the role of data, analytics and associated technologies in adding value to a variety of organisations

· Appraise the appropriate use of business analytics to support operational decision making to create and add value to a business

Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes tested in this assignment:

· Formulate, evaluate and reflect on operations management issues to be able to determine which business analytical technique is most beneficial

· Critique the importance of information sharing within the organisation and appraise the impact of this information on decision-making within an organisation

· Determine the appropriate tools and make recommendations to inform and support strategic decision making

Feedback /Marking criteria for this Assignment

Performance will be assessed using the grading criteria and mark scheme indicated below. Guidance for improvement will be given in writing on the Assessment Feedback Form or on the StudyNet Feedback Form within 4 weeks of submission.

For each day or part day up to five days after the published deadline, coursework relating to modules submitted late will have the numeric grade reduced by 10 grade points until or unless the numeric grade reaches 40 for levels 4, 5 and 6 or 50 for level 7 (PG). If a submission is more than 5 days after the published deadline, a grade of zero will be awarded. Where the numeric grade awarded for the assessment is less than 40 for levels 4, 5 and 6 or 50 for level 7 (PG), no lateness penalty will be applied;

Plagiarism offences will receive standard penalties.

Detailed Brief for Individual/Group Assessment

Assignment Title: Individual Report and Excel Modelling

Description of the assignment:

You are employed as a consultant for the Students’ Union Shop and should

· Report on their current business, pointing out any existing problems;

· Suggest improvements to their current strategies;

· Provide them with an efficient tool for easily evaluating their current performance using the data provided or new data in a similar format.

You are required to produce a model using Excel, which could be used by the Students’ Union Shop management team for evaluation of their performance using the data provided or any new data that becomes available in a similar format. The model should be supported by technical documentation, which should give details of the analysis method used, include a description of how it was implemented in a spreadsheet and a brief description of how to use the spreadsheet. You are also required to produce a main report which should review the current situation of the Students’ Union Shop queueing system and suggest ways of improving the service level. You must give a convincing argument to support the improvements you are suggesting, e.g. by showing the cost-benefit of adding an extra cashier in terms of staff utilisation and customer waiting time.

The Students’ Union Shop management team are very busy and so value concise reports. Each report should be no more than 10 pages and the total number of pages should not exceed 15.

Please see assignment document for full detail

The deadline for submission is 8th April 2022.

Mark scheme:

Please see assignment document for detail.

Student Support and Guidance

· For further help, contact your module leader in their drop-in hours or by email.

· Use the Grading Criteria and Mark Scheme to help improve your work.

· Go to CASE workshops, use the CASE website and drop-in hours

· Academic English for Business support is available through daily drop-ins from the CASE office. See the CASE workshop timetable on the CASE main website page for details.

· Make full use of Library search to identify relevant academic material and the ‘Subject Toolkit for Business’ which contains links to other Information Databases and the Information Management contact details. ()

· Some tutors allow students to test their work using Turnitin. Guidance on submission to Turnitin via StudyNet can be found by using the following link.

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