Colleagues, Note, this is a GROUP DISCUSSION. Please do not be late in working with your colleagues!


Welcome to Week 6 and Module 3 Part 2. This is a good time to look ahead and think about which member of your group will help to organize the presentation so each colleague will be able to contribute to build a quality group presentation. Although everyone is expected to contribute, someone will need to step into a leadership role for the PPT. I will not assign any of your individual contributions to the group project, but I wanted to alert you to the need to think ahead. The better presentations had voice overs by each of the group members, which is easy to accomplish on PPT. Please…no Prezi presentations and no presentations on the cloud.


Group Discussion: Part 2 – By Day 6 of Week 6 – Saturday, 10 April 2022

Each member posts the following:

· Describe the major findings that you analyzed, including the stakeholders for whom the data were obtained and/or focused.

· Using the information garnered from your evaluation and evaluations 6 and 7:

· Describe what you perceive to be program strengths.

· Describe what you perceive to be opportunities for improvement.

· Explain how effective the might program be and why.

Support your analysis with specific references to evaluation data and the evaluation’s scoring and/or rating scale.

Note what you have learned and/or any insights you have gained as a result of the comments your colleagues made and the connections you have made with the Learning Resources.

Revisit this Discussion Board throughout Week 6 to explore and discuss analyses shared by group members. Respond to all group members. Post ways colleagues’ posts contributed to your learning.

Note: Coming up — Interviews with an early childhood program director and a stakeholder from the same organization that went through an accreditation process. This assignment will not be revised or substituted with a video.  

Wishing you a good week!


Dr. Mary Barbara T

Group Discussion: Step 2: Collect the Data

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