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Crypto Currency has completely change the value and sense of the dollar. In the world today, the concept of voting with your dollar debates how a person spends their money, and what impact it will have on their well being. The philosophy around voting with your dollar means that what you buy is what you believe in and support. In terms of deciding weather or not to buy something, the outcome of what buying the product will do is what people think about when spending money. When looking at things such as crypto currency and the stock market, people take their money and invest. When looking at investment the hopeful outcome would be that the value of what is invested increases. Crypto has changed and impacted the way people purchase things because now it is become a currency that can be used on purchases such as property. 

Ames, Cory. “What Is Voting with Your Dollar? Why Does It Matter?” Grow Ensemble, 24 Feb. 2022, 

This article discusses the concept and idea of voting with your dollar. The idea behind it is that what people buy is what they believe in

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