For most Jewish  

scholars and educated readers, the more interesting questions lie  

elsewhere: how are humans different from other animals? What is  

distinctive about human existence? Are humans basically selfish  

rather than altruistic? Are we primarily individualistic or social?  

When are genetic interventions allowed, and when are they  

wrong?  2022 Latest Answers  

Could scientists someday build a robot that would be indistinguishable from biological persons?

When scientific results seem to show why Jewish observance is  

healthy or rational or functional, they naturally receive more positive attention; results that seem to undercut Jewish practices are  

reviewed with concern (and sometimes dismissiveness). Jewish  

authors have written some of the best analyses of the ethics of scientific research and practice, and their subtle and complex analyses  

often set the standard for other authors.2

Finally, another tradition  

of Jewish writing offers more mystical readings of the scientific  

results. Where this tradition predominates, science is generally used  

as a means for emphasizing the spiritual connection humans can  

have with the universe and with its Creator

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