BIO-220-Environmental Science

Pick a biome and ecosystem and create a 500-700 word addressing the following:

1. Refer to the infographic provided and chose a biome to describe with an example ecosystem. 

2. Provide one example of a keystone species found in the biome/ecosystem. Why is this keystone species important to the biome/ecosystem?  What defines it as a keystone species?

3. Provide an example of an invasive species found in the biome/ecosystem.  What are some of the negative impacts this invasive species has on the ecosystem? What is being done to mitigate impacts?

4. Provide one example of an endangered species found in the biome/ecosystem. Briefly discuss the causes of the decline in the species and what is being done to help.   

Please include at least 3 academic sources and make sure all sources are cited in your essay. 

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide.

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite for plagiarism check and similarity scores



Read “Cull of the Wild,” by Murphy, from Washington Monthly (2010).

Read “Effects of Climate Change on Plant Population Growth Rate and Community Composition Change,” by Chang et al., from PLOS ONE (2015).

Read “Vulture Decline – An Ecosystem Crisis,” by Abrol, from Current Science (2013).

Read “Biomes and Ecosystems” in Environmental Science: The Human Impact on Natural Resources.

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