Ch13 How can organizations monitor and evaluate their safety efforts?


CH14 Question#3 pg.523 in book: Give some examples of how technology is creating employers–employee rights and policy issues. Then suggest some possible actions that may be needed.


CH15 In 2021 we saw an increase of unionization efforts. Specifically, companies like Starbucks, Amazon, Google and others.

  • Pick one of the above companies mentioned or identify another one who experienced unionization efforts. Research them, provide as much details and add your own perspective based on your research as to why they are unionizing.
    • What is prompting employees to pursue unionization in these organizations? Are any of your findings aligned to what was detailed in the book as to why employees seek unions or was it something different?


  • How effective will unionization be for these employees?


  • What could these companies do to avoid unionization?

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