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1. Complete and submit the course case analysis based budget project in accordance with the instructions in the above attached Budget Project.

2. Submit the assignment by Wednesday, 8:00 PM Central Time of Week 9

Additional Budget/Course Project Instructions

This budget project is individual work, even if more than one person is assigned that department. The work is due in Week 9 as noted above. I have selected the Norfolk, Virginia budget for this project because it contains all the areas I want you to be familiar with, and despite its extensive size, it is relatively easy to navigate. I used the 2020 budget because it is the latest pre-pandemic budget, so it focuses on the traditional issues I want you to be familiar with rather that crisis management. You are to access the budget through the links I have included in the Week 1 Module, and here below. Your task in the budget project, is to answer the ten questions in Part 1 (pertaining to the entire budget, which will also help to assess your mastery of the Student Learning Outcomes for the course.) in the way you think it best represents a quality response. Those questions will require you to go through the budget quite a few times. You can write your response in a narrative form, in paragraphs, or even in bullets. Just be sure you fully answer each question, and that you make it clear which question you are answering. Make sure you show the page number where you found the information for your response, so I can review the source since different results can be found in different places–that goes with the nature of budgets.

Part II of the budget is to be used as a case analysis exercise where you assume the role of a department head. I have assigned each of you to a department. You are to work independently (in this portion of the project, you are to focus on your assigned department). You have been given enough information to develop a case for analysis, using the case analysis matrix provided via the link above.

Project instructions are also provided via link above. While you are generally following the case analysis process, the case analysis matrix is included to help you consider options based on the work you have completed in the program, and may be helpful if your Capstone course uses the case analysis process. You are not required to complete the course specific areas of the attached matrix but you may want to for any courses you have completed.

You are playing the role of the department head for the department assigned to you. You are to prepare that Part II response similar to a formal case analysis in accordance with the case analysis outline for which I have provided via the link above. Once again, you are not required to do the course by course portion, but it adds to the effort if you include discussion of those courses you have completed. Either way, you are to write a summary of the case, identify the central problem, identify the key actors, develop potential alternatives, evaluate the alternatives, and provide your selected solution to the problem. That will respond to question one in Part II.

In order to respond to questions 2 & 3 of Part II, you are discuss obstacles to implementing your selected alternative and a plan for overcoming those obstacles. Question 3 requires you to go a bit beyond the traditional analysis by suggesting potential additional steps which would not require your department to make all the required cuts.

As the budget project instructions indicate, detail is the key. In other words, you need to provide dollar detail on savings, how they are to be achieved, and any other details to make it clear. Just saying you are cutting 20% across the board will not suffice, because as a City Manager, I could have done that without going back to the departments. While I understand that you have limited information, be as realistic as you can.

Budget projects are due to be posted in the Week 9 Discussion Board by 8:00 PM, Wednesday evening of week nine to allow for discussion–additional information about the project will be posted at the appropriate time.

Because of the number of students enrolled, below are the updated departments and student assignments for the budget project.

**My department is human resources, I am the head of the human resources dept.

The book used for the course is: Lee, R.D. Jr., Johnson, R.W. & Joyce, P.G. (2013). Public budgeting systems (9th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett. (ISBN: 978-1-4496-2790-4) (I can give you access to the book that I have).

Norfolk budget-

Modified case analysis worksheet is attached below.

Website is Chegg

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Will be available for the assigned writer.

The book is Public Budgeting.
The directions have been posted on how to do the case analysis budget. It is 10 questions and the actual budget. Please read the directions and forms I’ve uploaded carefully

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