Ensure you have reviewed the content of the Learning Modules in this subject.

Remember that assessment items assess if the learning you have engaged in was effective. If you have skipped the learning, it will be very difficult to complete this assessment.

Module 1 is particularly important to completing this task. The Clinical Emergency Response System (CERS), the ISBAR Clinical Handover Tool and the Clinical Reasoning Cycle are all covered in depth in this module and all concepts are addressed in this assessment. 

Module 3 is focused on Shock (including Septic Shock)

Module 9 is focused directly on Sepsis

There are a number of readings and other resources you will find useful in completing this task

There is an activity in Module 5 (Legal / Ethical issues in acute health deterioration) that will help you to form a search question, search the literature and appraise the quality of the sources (see ‘Research: Family presence during resuscitation).  

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