Provide a brief introduction to the concept of nursing care in the deteriorating patient. 

Introduce the context of your paper by highlighting the key aspects of the scenario provided.

Outline the content of the body of your paper. 

Notice throughout this document, the font is Times New Roman, the font size is 12, the lines are spaced at 1.5 and there are 2cm margins around the page (as stated in the subject outline)

Question 1: Recognise

1. RECOGNISE: Critique the recognition of deterioration in the scenario

  • Outline the specific clinical indicators of deterioration in the scenario and justify specific points in time when a clinical review and rapid response should have been triggered, based on the indicators that you have identified. 
  • Describe how the pathophysiological changes that occur with severe sepsis are linked to the clinical indicators of deterioration that you have outlined.

Question 2: Escalate

  • Critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the way the ISBAR clinical handover has been structured, and the content in each section of the ISBAR.
  • Comment on the timeliness and adequacy of how the nurse escalated the care of the deteriorating patient in the scenario to other members of the interdisciplinary team. 
  • Justify at least two specific improvements that a nurse could make to the communication in the scenario to escalate a person with clinical deterioration. 

Question 3: Manage

  • Critically analyse the nursing care in the scenario provided, outlining the strengths and missed opportunities evident. 
  • Justify at least two specific, evidence-based nursing assessments or interventions that were clinically indicated but omitted by nurses in the scenario. 

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