– Write a detailed research paper.  The paper must be a minimum of six (6) full pages, double-spaced, plus a proper listing of the research works cited.  Your paper should summarize at least five (5) academic research articles, chosen from the list of permitted scholarly journals, that used human participants in their research process.

2) Choose a research topic from the following list and then select a minimum of five (5) articles that are related to your chosen topic:

a. Consumer Motivation
b. Affective Decision Making (Role of Affect or Emotions in Decision Making
c. Attitudes and Persuasion
d. Pricing
e. Brands and Brand Meaning
f. Consumer Welfare
g. Impact of Social Media

3) ALL ARTICLES used MUST have been published in one of these four (4) approved journals:
a. Journal of Consumer Research
b. Journal of Marketing
c. Journal of Marketing Research
d. Journal of Consumer Psychology

4) ALL ARTICLES used MUST have been published within the past 10 years (between January,
2012, and today).

5) If your paper cites one or more articles that DO NOT MEET the above criteria (i.e., either from an
unapproved journal or one that is older than allowed), you will receive zero (0) points for that  portion of your paper.

For example, if one of the five articles you cite was from an unapproved journal, one (1) point or one-fifth of the possible total of five points will be deducted from your grade on the assignment.

6) Full text of articles from these approved journals is available (for free) from the TU Library using
TU Portal.

7) For each article, explain how it relates to your chosen research topic AND how the use of human
subjects in this research provided insights regarding how consumers think, feel, or behave.

8) Include a reference list in proper APA format: Author(s), year published, title of article, name of
journal, volume, issue, and pages.

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