There are many types of rain, and they all create a different mood. Spring rain on fields and flowers can feel refreshing. On the other hand, a cold, steady rain in the middle of winter can make you feel a little sad. A thunderstorm might feel frightening, or it might feel exciting. All types of rain are necessary to water the earths grasses and plants. No matter where you are, you can use the mood created by rain as an inspiration to start writing.

  1. Write the sentence that is the topic sentence of the paragraph.
  2. Write a sentence that is irrelevant to the topic and can be eliminated.
  3. List four types of grammatical or punctuation errors to look for when youre proofreading.
  4. Complete the following two steps:
    1. Define the term clich.
    2. Give an example of a clich. Write one sentence using the clich and another that replaces the clich with your own original wording.
  5. Name and explain two types of prewriting.
  6. Choose one of the following prompts. Write a      five-sentence paragraph using chronological order and including a topic sentence to explain the steps you would take to complete one of the following tasks.
    1. Preparing for a test
    2. Preparing to host a party or an event
    3. Getting ready for work
    4. Cleaning your room or your home
    5. Building a snowman, sandcastle, or sculpture
    6. Creating a budget
  7. Choose one of the following topics. Write an eight-sentence paragraph that fully develops the topic.
    1. Following instructions is very important.
    2. Job-training programs (such as Job Corps) are valuable to both employers and potential employees.
    3. Advances in technology have changed the way people interact with each other.
    4. A high school diploma is important to my future.
    5. For some people, entering the workforce is a better choice than going to college.

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