Read Piza & Sytsma’s “Exploring the defensive actions of drug sellers in open-air markets: A systematic social observation.” Engage in a methodological discussion with your fellow classmates and post your answers to the following two questions in this graded discussion board:
1. Discuss the benefits and disadvantages of using CCTV as an unobtrusive source of research data.
2. Review the codes the authors developed. From what was included in the article, which code (if any) would you revise and how? Discuss any additional codes you would have included (based solely on what was included in the article).
{Additional things to consider when reading the article. Do not include in your Discussion Posts: (1) What are the units of analysis for this study? (2) How did the author’s accounted for interrater reliability.
[The Discussion Boards in methods classes may be different from discussion boards in your non-methods classes. In methods classes the discussion boards are designed to engage students in methodological discussions of the assigned research article. The designated questions should be answered methodologically by addressing (depending on the question) what was methodologically strong or weak and methodologically what could have been done differently to enhance the research. You will be graded based on the methodological quality of your discussion post and responses.]

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