Forensic Psychosocial Assessment Paper

For this assignment, students will write a psychosocial assessment report as expert witnesses for a fictional immigration ‘u visa’ case. The paper should be 10-15 pages long and students must include two peer reviewed articles as references for their arguments. A u visa case is a type of waiver in which undocumented immigrants are given a chance to adjust their status based on certain criteria: they must have been victimized by a crime, traumatized by the crime, and show proof that they assisted the police in trying to apprehend the criminal such as giving a descriiption of the criminal to the police, trying to pick out the criminal from a lineup, a storeowner who was the victim of a crime providing the store video which may have captured the incident on camera to the police, etc. Students will need to make up a fictional ‘client’ and other fictional details of the case in order to do this assignment. All papers should include the following items: (1) results of psychological screenings and questionnaires to assess the depression, anxiety, and trauma experienced by the fictional client as a result of the crime. The scores will be made up, since this is a fictional case. Suggestions for questionnaires to use which are available on the internet or can be provided by the instructor are the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI), Beck Anxiety inventory (BAI), and the PTSD Checklist-Civilian version (PCL-C). Students are free to use other screenings and questionnaires as long as they have relevance to the case (2) fictional documentation to provide documentary evidence to Immigration to support the points made in the paper (examples would be a letter from the client’s friend telling about how traumatized the client is since the crime occurred and how he or she assisted the police, a letter from a therapist who saw the client in which the therapist writes that the client was traumatized by the crime, a letter from a doctor or medical records stating that the client was injured during the crime and required medical care, a police report about the crime that includes how the client assisted the police, etc.). These are typical documents used in u visa reports, but students should use their creativity to decide what fictional documents to include. A sample redacted u visa report written by the instructor will be posted on Blackboard, and students can also learn more about u visas by going to the following link:

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