NEED A PERFECT PAPER? PLACE YOUR FIRST ORDER AND SAVE 15% USING COUPON: – Review the following chart, which provides a quick review of the three main parenting styles:

Permissive Parents    Low control; Ambivalent responsiveness    Makes few demands; submits to the wishes of children
Authoritarian Parents    High control; Low responsiveness    Dictates rules; expects obedience
Authoritative Parents    High control; High responsiveness    Sets and enforces fair and reasonable rules; discusses reasoning for rules with children
2: Next, please select and watch *at least one* of the following Ted Talks that address various aspects of parenting.  If none of the Ted Talks below compel you, please search the web to select and watch one that is meaningful to you.
How to Raise Successful Kids – Without Over-Parenting
What I’ve Learned About Parenting as a Stay-at-Home Dad
Parenting in the Digital Age
Why Most Parenting Advice is Wrong
The Beautiful, Hard Work of Co-Parenting
Changing Roles of Parents
3: The purpose of this discussion is first to reflect on the parenting style(s) of your caregiver(s), thinking through the effects the style(s) had on your own development.
    Describe the style of parenting you most value and explain why. In your description and explanation, integrate relevant content based on the assigned readings.
    Based on the research presented in the assigned readings, explain the effects on children from the parenting style you most value. 
    4:  Last, mention a few substantive aspects that integrates relevant content from the assigned readings and/or from additional credible research you conducted. 

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