To write the following Chapter by following the Project Proposal and Survey Questions and answers as provided
Chapter 4: Thematic Analysis, design, Coding, data analysis, results, Discussion and conclusion (3000 words + >30xcitations/Reference APA)
1.Followed the Research Proposal, refer to attached files
2. To do a Thematic Design, analysis, results and conclusion report based on the Attached project proposal + Survey Questions + Answers

Attached documents are uploaded
1. Survey Qs + Answers
2. Research Proposal
2 Objectives for the Research

This paper will have four research objectives:
1. To assess and identify the semiconductor industry innovation strategies, frameworks, and theories available to the efficacy of the company’s current strategies and challenges.
2. To explore the current innovation strategies within the semiconductor assembly equipment sectors and perform a deep analysis to understand ASN’s current innovation process and strategies.
3. To examine and identify the gaps and areas of improvement that ASN needs to modify in its innovation process or strategies so it can maintain its core competence and competitive advantages;
4. To provide recommendations on how the company can better manage its innovation processes and conclude with the research findings, complications, and limitations.

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