SONA Frequently asked question

1.Do I need a separate account for each CPS class?   2022 Latest Answers  


a.No. The system allows you to include multiple CPS courses and track the credit earned for each class requirement. You can add multiple courses by selecting “My Profile” from the Main Menu. Select the “Change Courses” option under the list of existing courses you are in. Select from the available list of courses while holding the “Ctrl” control key and update the changes.  

2.Can I reassign credit from a previous semester course to a current semester course?  

a.No. The credits do not transfer between semesters. At the end of each semester, the credits are archived. You cannot reassign credit earned from a previous semester to a currently enrolled course.  

3.Can I reassign credits from one CPS course to another during the same semester?

a.Yes! You can reassign credit between courses that you are actively enrolled in the present semester. See question 6 to learn how.

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