The Black Church and the community How do we fit in

5. Dialogue Paper (5-7 pp), Outline (1-pg), and Class Presentation:
• Reflecting on course readings, class discussions, and drawing from supplemental research,
engage one broad societal category (e.g. Cities and Neighborhoods, Media and Technology,
Business and Economics, Politics and Government, Education and Healthcare, Arts, Sports and
Entertainment, etc.) and at least one facet of a major socio-political issue confronting the broader
society today, though negatively and disproportionately impacting communities of color (e.g.
Violence, Poverty, Classism, Mass Incarceration, Racism, Gentrification, Assimilation, the
Generational divide, etc.). Critical thought should be given also to both personal and communal
impact. Employing a dialogical approach, consider arguments on multiple sides of the issue,
while choosing a stance and supporting your perspective with a clear theological, biblical and
practical foundation.

• Based on the completed dialogue paper, prepare a 10-minute class presentation and a one-page
outline to be distributed addressing: What now? Answering the Call of a Contemporary Society.
Be clear in presenting practical ideas with biblical, theological and historical rationale, also
considering societal, systemic and spiritual challenges. Be sure to reflect on the impact and
relevance for the next generation of Christians, particularly those connected with the Black
Church tradition. Prepare for meaningful dialogue.

Reading is:

Bonhoeffer – The Negro Church
Glaude – Black Church is Dead
McRoberts – Black Churches and

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