What is Extropianism? If Libertarian and Democratic Transhumanism can  

be most clearly defined through their social, political, and economic agendas,   2022 Latest Answers  

Extropianism, another current within the transhumanist scenario, can be  

approached more distinctively as a philosophy related to the individual and  

self-transformation. According to Max More, one of the main theorists of  

Transhumanism and the founder of Extropianism, it can be considered the  

“first fully developed transhumanist philosophy” (2013: 5); this is why, although  

the Extropy Institute closed in 2006, such an approach is still relevant. Its main  

principles can be summarized as perpetual progress, self-transformation,  

practical optimism, intelligent technology, open society (information and  

democracy), self-direction, rational thinking (More 2003). The uncritical  

emphasis on notions such as rationality, progress, and optimism should not be  

unexpected, given the fact that Transhumanism does not fully acknowledge the  

philosophical contribution of postmodernity, but it seeks its origins in science  

and technology, philosophically rooting itself in the Enlightenment, and so it  

does not expropriate rational humanism. This is an important aspect that we  

must not overlook.

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