The last part of the Lab Group assignments is a summary and evaluation of your group, including your perspective on group process, group outcomes, your group adherence to the group norms, your own participation and development, and what you will take away from the assignment overall.

Learning Objectives:
Students will apply GIM skills by assessing and evaluating the impact of participating and leading an educational growth group.
Students will practice documentation style writing skills in their assessment and evaluation.

Please provide a brief group and self-evaluation using the following format and prompts.
Group name

Lab Group Members

Group Goals

Group Norms

1. How do you feel your group and you did in meeting the goals set at the beginning of the semester? I think we were spot on with the goals. We all knew we had an addiction that we wanted to fix and we all set out to fix it and fix our problems
2. What purpose did the norms serve in your group process? Give an example of how norms were applied during the group or leadership process. The norms or tiled and expectations was follow perfectly. We were able to share about our addictions and problem is a safe and confidental way and we were able to openly express our feelings
3. What was an area in which you struggled during the Group Labs? Why and what action did you take, if any? I struggled leading the group because I didnt know what to do or say or what activities to come up with and it was hard to try to navigate and talk to everyone in a short abount of time
4. What was a skill that you offered to the group? Give an example of how you used this skill to benefit the group? I talked about us all being able to have a common goal outside of the group and I told each member a goal I would like them to work in outside the group such as relax more or have better communication
5. Did you encounter any conflict within the group? How was conflict dealt with and what part did you play? No I didnt
6. What will you take away from the Group Lab experience? I thought it taught me how to be a better listener snd to work with other people and he part of a team
7. How do you see the skills learned in this course applying to your future career? To learn communication and team building skills and how to work in a group and with other people
8. How has your group prepared for group termination? We just did ice breakers and activities talking about our goals and what we took away from the group

OK so basically this paper it is talking about me taking a social work class is called generals practice two in college where me and a bunch of students in my class we were all in different groups with a different amount of people and we were all pretending to be social workers and be in a social work group and have per 10 sessions and my group was a mutual aid group and it was dealing with alcohol addiction and drug abuse and last week we Just terminated the group and just ended the group and had our last session so this paper is basically a summary of the group and its entirety so I wrote down all the questions and all the answers feel free to give your own thoughts as well but that is basically what this paper is about it is a summary and evaluation of the group and all the sessions as a whole throughout the whole semester

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