Groups of 2-3 students will design and teach a 20-minute lesson on a literary text. This assignment is designed to give students a chance to develop communication skills that are important in a wide range of fields beyond classroom teaching. The lesson will begin with a close reading of a single passage from the text. Your group will then direct a whole-class discussion, guided by questions relating to your close reading. Good discussion questions are open-ended and can be answered from a variety of perspectives. All members of the group will receive the same grade. I will email feedback and grades to students after their presentations.
Your presentation will be evaluated according to the following criteria.
The presentation closely examined a passage from a literary text and made claims about the text.
Presenters spoke clearly and accessibly.
Discussion questions pushed the class to think more deeply about the themes discussed in the presentation.
Presenters managed class discussion in a manner that was equitable and encouraged a large percentage of the class to engage.
All presenters actively participated in the presentation.

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