Guideline for BIO 211-060 Term Paper (15%)
Topics (Choose one of the topics below
1. Covid-19 and developments in vaccinology
2. Personalized medicine in Human health and diseases
3.The positives and negatives of Synthetic Biology – the new frontier in Science
4. Bacterial Cellulose and its applications in biotechnology
Term paper should be typed and spaced 1,5. It should be & pages including ilustrations but
this abstract, conclusion and réferenaas araget heluded’ in the & page limit flushouid be organized
Summary or abstract (half page maximum),
Introduction, (one page)
Main content or the body of the paper (eight pages)
Conclusion half page
References (in addition to the above-mentioned 8 pagos).
In the introduction, you should describe the rationale and the importance of the topics you
selected. You should also describe the disease of situation when it is appropriate to use the
technology and explain why it is appropriate to use the technology.
In the body of the paper you should explain the biological basis of why the technology, might be
effective and you should explain the biological basis of potential problems or limilations of the
technology, (induding but not limited to health risks, and environmental risks). You should also
discuss the feasibility and efficacy of the technology. In the body of the paper you should discuss the
legal and ethical issues of using the technology. You should also explain if this would be a technology
that you would support or not and provide justification for your answer
You should use Times roman 12 font and 0.75 inch margins on all sides.
References should be presented in the American Medical Association (AMA) style
There should be at least two references of original papers published in peer-reviewed research
Copy of one such research article must be attached with the paper.

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