Guidelines for Finance Internship for Credit Term Paper:
The analytical term paper may vary in length, but is expected to be between 6-8 pages, double spaced, not including examples of your work attached. The term paper should discuss and analyze in detail several of the learning opportunities you had while completing the internship. It is recommended that you select a couple of topics/ assignments and discuss/research them in detail. You must be able to articulate through financial analysis the knowledge gained from the internship. The term paper should discuss both the positive and negatives of the learning experience and demonstrate your knowledge through additional research; samples of work should be attached.
1. The paper should be between 6-8 pages, double spaced in 12 point font. It should not exceed 8 pages.
2. Pages must be numbered.
3. Correct grammar and spelling are expected.
4. The paper should have an identifiable organization and structure.
5. Limit attachments and schedule to what is necessary.
6. Blackout names of clients, or anything that is proprietary to the Company you are working for.
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