Hello, I have attached the assignment outline(“Final Paper Instructions1), .sav data for the report (PSYC 301 Lab Data), the study summary (Study Summary), and a list of popular citations for the topic of the paper (Greatest Hits List).
The lab report is on the impact of Eyewitness Credibility on Jurors. Listed below are the tasks to accomplish, but please attentively refer to the attached “Final Paper Instructions1” and “Study Summary” files.
Run the stats on the collected data
Sig Levene’s = Welch’s F
Work on Intro/Methods
Must cite at least 3 published journal articles in the intro and/or discussion
Funnel Analogy
Make sure you have a thesis statement
Talk about what you DID
Write Results/Discussion
Results = concise stats
Discussion = interpretation of stats and the implications they have on your hypothesis and the field of research
Abstract (150 words)
Summary of report: set the scene (brief lit review) for why you are testing your hypothesis, how (stats), briefly mention the results , and the significance of your findings
References + Title page
8-10 pages (excluding title page, abstract and references)
Max page is 15

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