I have to use the First Amendment and apply it to this question 1. Did the decision to terminate Dumbledore violate any of his First Amendment rights?
Please read this short story below to answer this question also using the 1st amendment:
Mr. David Dumbledore is a biology teacher at Atlanta Public High School. Dumbledore does not subscribe to Darwin’s theory of evolution and believes it is a fraud perpetrated by atheists. Dumbledore recently told his students that evolution is a lie and stated, “there is no way humans and apes have a common ancestor.” Some students attempted to argue, but Dumbledore called them “ignorant fools who were brainwashed by the liberal media.” Dumbledore explained that is was “pretty obvious” that humans were created by a higher power.
Several students complained to Principal Penelope Princeton. Princeton decided that Dumbledore’s failure to cover the theory of evolution was cause for Dumbledore’s termination. Princeton provided a written letter to Dumbledore that stated Dumbledore had an inadequate understanding of basic biology teaching principles and only taught religion to his students, without showing respect for divergent views.
Father Fred Faithful gathered students and members of his congregation to protest the firing of Dumbledore by bringing tents and sleeping bags to the high school football field. Approximately 35 students and 50 congregation members protested 24 hours per day, for three days. For three days, high school student athletes did not have practice because they were unable to access the field. School administrators also become concerned about damage to the field, as well as sanitation.
On the third day, local police were contacted and told the protestors that they had ten minutes to leave the field or they would be charged criminally. The majority of protestors left, but a few had to be forcibly removed. Father Faithful tried to verbally stop his congregation from leaving the field and he was arrested for trespass and inciting trespass. The students and congregation members who refused to leave the field were charged with trespassing. Principal Princeton also imposed a five-day school suspension for any students who were involved in the protest, stating the student engaged in disrupting school activities.

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