Hello PlEASE READ the instructions very carefully before you accept to write this essay:
First I will need a definition box that has five words and next to their definition I will be attaching an example essay so that you can know what I need.
Also, YOU MUST use my class notes that I will be uploading it’s very important to use it.
Most important no word to word paraphrasing it’s very important that you do not paraphrase a whole paragraph and give it to me as in an essay it maybe be that I won’t know but my professor will definitely will, and I will be in big trouble so save me that trouble if you can’t do the essay the right way.
I will be attaching three things First example essay, second, a rubric that you will need to follow, and third, my class notes that you will need to use.
here are the instructions for the essay:
The essay should not exceed 1,500 words, not counting the references, figure legends, and definition box.
The essay should be organized as a mini textbook chapter, including a statement of position, a logical organization of the concepts into a coherent story, and a conclusion demonstrating your own insights into the topic (see example essay on the home page of the course).
The essay should contain a definition box of terms that are technical and/or particularly important to understand the topic of the essay.
Figures are not required but they are welcome if they help enhance the understanding of the essay.
Spellchecking with automated tools (Word or Google Docs spellchecker, Grammarly, etc) is strongly recommended before submission.
The essay should follow the instructions of the rubric provided on the home page of the course. Full points will be awarded if the essay falls into the “expert” category for all items of the rubric.

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