[HLM1]Look up social justice. You need to address equity, access, fairness, etc. as it relates specifically to his situation. Resubmit the social justice section with corrections to meet the competency by 2359, 4/24.
[HLM2]You should have a citation here. Where did you get this information from?
[HLM4]You have a lot of unneeded information here and lack needed information. You need more data regarding lifespan, advanced directives, medications, health history, etc.
[HLM5]Think about your audience. We know what the tool assesses You are to complete the assessment and provide a discussion of your results along with some data as to why we use each tool.
[HLM6]What did you find out about the client when you performed this assessment?
[HLM9]Missing research to support the use of each tool
[HLM11]What was his score and what does that indicate for him?
[HLM12]The purpose of you going to the clients home was to assess the home for specific safety issues and to perform each of the 6 assessment tools. You have discussed the purpose of each tool but lack the required assessment data you were to collect, analyze and discuss as it relates specifically to your client.
[HLM13]What was soiled and slippery? You need a lot more information if this is your home safety assessment. Think about lighting, flooring, bathroom safety, cords, cabinets, etc.
[HLM14]You are making an assumption here. Maybe he was just warm.
[HLM15]What were his strengths, risks, potential risks, geriatric syndromes? See assignment directions. Synthesize the date data you collected during while performing the assessments.
[HLM17]No contractions
[HLM18]All of this is not needed. What is your nursing intervention for your client based on the assessment data? Rationale for your intervention?
[HLM21]This has nothing to do with your client.
[HLM22]This is an intervention, your action to help the client.
[HLM23]Excellent idea. You do not have this information in your home safety assessment, but it is a good intervention.
[HLM25]Bold the heading
[HLM27]Use the information on the tool. Incorrect.
Same comment for all tools.

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