Answer the question below in 300 words (minimum) with 2 cited sources.


Are you following and/or subscribing to any hospitality brands’ official social media pages? Based on your experiences and/or credible sources (e.g., news articles, academic papers, etc.), please provide an example of a hospitality brand that effectively interacts with customers using social media.


  • Provide your opinion and reaction to the topic. In other words, tell what you initially think about the topic.
  • Reformulate your response (argue with yourself a bit about your personal biases) based on what you are learning in the text, assigned readings, and/or other literature to support your response
  • Provide at least two references.
  • Initial opinion/reaction to topic must be clear and legible.
  • Reformulate and supporting idea regarding the question.
  • Must have sufficient depth to answer the question (more than 250 words).
  • Must refer to marketing concepts to support the response.
  • Must use marketing examples to support the response.
  • Use at least one reliable citation and provide a list of references.
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