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With the widespread use of social media, hospitality companies are increasingly concerned about negative word of mouth and customer defection. This concern is particularly amplified when a crisis occurs, such as COVID-19. Spirit Airlines is still recovering from the negative press received after Spirit Airlines asked to exit the plane after their 2-year-old refused to put on a face mask. What should have Spirit Airlines’ PR department done in response to this crisis to secure their customers’ loyalty and keep them from switching?

Question student response (Thomas). Respond to Thomas:

“On a flight in 2021, Spirit Airlines was involved in a controversy due to requesting a family of four to exit the plane due to a violation of face mask policy (Fung, 2021). On-flight video from multiple passengers spread throughout the world via social media in an instant. There was immediate backlash across social media that left Spirit Airlines in a difficult public relations position.

It is important to note that not everyone has taken the same side on this situation. Due to COVID-19, many passengers appreciate strict mask guidelines to keep everyone safe. That being said, the majority of feedback on social media was critical of how Spirit Airlines handled the situation. In order to address this public relations crisis, it is important for leadership to first understand what truly happened. Throughout the reports, there is inconsistency in whether the adults were warned multiple times and ultimately, why the family was requested to leave the aircraft. Once leadership has gained a full understanding of the situation, leadership must be transparent and clearly state why the situation was escalated. If Spirit Airlines had done everything per CDC and corporate guidelines, then it is important to let the public know that the actions taken were in line with such guidelines. Additionally, during April of 2021, the pandemic was still active and dangerous. Spirit Airlines could reiterate their focus on maintaining a clean and safe environment for all passengers, thus resulting in actions against those that do not follow the clearly-stated health guidelines and rules.”


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