Read the Introduction and any 10 poems from Coleman Barks, trans., The Essential Rumi. You may want to read a poem from each section. You can also pick the poems randomly and see what you find.Then read:Sufism — Sufis — Sufi Orders the Introductory Essay on Sufism that begins right under the Table of Contents, “Sufism: an Introduction,” and follow the links at the bottom of each page.Rumi on just one of Rumi’s poems, please answer the following questions in the Discussion Forum:What images (metaphors andsymbols) does Rumi use in his poem? How do they convey a sense of the experiences he wants to relate?What important themes emerge from the poem you read? What specific passages express them?Does the poem seem “Islamic?” What set of concerns animates the poem? How does it express Sufi sensibilities?Please cite the page number(s) of the poem


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Since everyone will be completing their poems by next week, we will critique all poems within that week rather than in staggered groups as we did for narratives (poems don’t take quite as long to read!)

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