If you have not done so already, select and implement one of the three Differentiated Lesson Plans that you developed throughout this course. Prior to implementation, be sure to incorporate any revisions based on feedback you may have received as well as additional assessment data you may have collected. Make necessary preparations for your lesson, including determining grouping structures and preparing differentiated materials. Then implement the lesson, making adjustments as needed, as you informally assess students’ understanding and observe their performance on various tasks and activities.Submit a written reflection on your implementation of your Differentiated Lesson that includes your responses to the following:During the lesson, what did you notice related to student engagement?How effective were your planning and management strategies?To what degree did the students achieve the learning goals you established?What data did you gather as evidence of student learning?What changes would you make to the lesson plan or your implementation of it?How did technology, data, professional collaboration/ learning community, and/or family and community involvement inform your planning and implementation?In what ways did the research-based practice(s) contribute to student learning?Use the attached document to see they actual lesson plan.Please use and cite scholarly resources within the text.


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1/ draw a class diagram and entity-relationship diagram for recycle website project depicting of the system based on the use case diagram and process flow diagrams(upload fils).

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